It feels wrong to categorize Prairie OKC as just a taproom. It's really the lab of eight highly collaborative, wildly creative mad scientists who brew experimental beers that may or may not one day wind up on store shelves.

Prairie OKC's menu changes all the time. When I visited, the standout was Supernova, an absurdly stellar sour made with Starburst—err, I mean, chewy fruit candy that bursts like stars.

"So did one of you have to unwrap each chewy fruit candy that bursts like stars?" I asked the bartender.

He closed his eyes and sighed, as if reliving a painful memory. "Yes. It took forever."

Totally worth it, man. I loved Supernova. I wasn't the only one—while I sat at the bar, I lost count of how many regulars eagerly ordered a pour.

Not as many folks asked for PBQ, a sour ale brewed with Head Country Bar-B-Q sauce. Yes, it's an adventurous combo that tastes exactly how you're imagining: like a plate of brisket covered in barbecue sauce. It was interesting but strange; good but not something I'd want to have more than a few sips of. Still, it's a must-try if you ever see it on the menu. And if Spicy Pickle Monster is also around, mix 'em together for a true beer-and-'que experience.

Not everything at Prairie OKC is a winner, but that's the point. When something is a hit, they send the recipe to HQ. If it's a go, their larger facility brews a big batch, cans it, and distributes it nationwide.

Hoping the stars align so I can grab a four-pack of Supernova at my favorite local craft beer store later this year. Though, I'd happily make the six-hour drive up there just for another glass of it.

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